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Year Show As Notes
2019 Antony & Cleopatra Agrippa Queen's Park Theatre
2019 Outwitting the Devil Detective Mike Byrd Root2Fruit Media
2019 The London Detective Arthur Bradley ERA Film Studios
2017 Lays Potato Chips (Champions League Final 2017) Pub Landlord Shanghai Weichao Ltd (China)
2017 Our Dad Was Once a Warrior Tony Ravensbourne
2017 After Hours Gordon the Caretaker University of Staffordshire
2017 Ascension Martin Hall XL Films (International)
2017 Save the Animals, Save the World Self Wild Animal Productions
2017 Dear Bullies - We Win Narrator Beddu Productions
2017 Britain’s Deadliest Lovers Interviewing Detective Crackit Productions for The Discovery Channel
2016 No Place Like Holmes (The Walls Have Eyes) Richard Knox RK Foad Productions
2016 Reaching for the Past Argumentative Soap Fan RK Foad Productions
2016 Welcome Break Dad Wall Breaker
2016 White Glove Massive Steward at West Ham (Speaking) Kingwood Pictures
2016 I Want Performer Jill Thrussell
2016 Aliens Anonymous Alien High Priest Ross K Foad
2016 Shelly Ravid / Bullshit Misogynistic Businessman Shelly Ravid Music
2016 At Rest The Father Raghav Makergi
2016 The Entertainer (in post-production) Party guest Alcove Entertainment Productions
2016 It's Nothing To Me Mr Noble (Head of Year) Touchdown
2016 Voyager: The Grand Tour Jupiter Scientist Sea Beast Media
2016 Voyager: The Grand Tour Uranus Journalist Sea Beast Media
2015 Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects Presenter for the Chartered Institute for IT