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Professional feeedback on my prologue from 'The Libertine' from a Casting Professional that has recently worked for Universal Television.

"This was terrific. I liked how quietly and simply you delivered the monologue, yet you still held the power and gravitas necessary to effectively intimidate as a leader."

Watch the tape via this profile or at:

IMDbPro: http://www.imdb.me/kcflanagan


A recent endorsement from the Co-Producer of, 'It's Nothing to Me':

"My experience working with KC was an incredibly easy, fun, and professional one. KC is a pleasure to work with because of his air of positivity as well as his passion for the work he does. WIthout a doubt one of the best actors I have worked with to date!"


About me:

Ex-Military with a wealth of life experience which I now put to good use through my performances. I love the challenge of playing diverse and troubled characters that have ranged from scientist, maniac head teachers and 'smarmy suits' to down-trodden fathers. As a collaborative, I enjoy being part of the bigger picture and immerse myself in the production. I continually seek to improve and develop my skills by attending actor's workshops in London.